Welcome to my site about bread making using automatic bread machines. I’m in love with these wonderful breadmakers as they provide an easy way to make wonderful homemade bread using fresh ingredients.

I am a self taught bread expert with many years of experience in breadmaking. I have a long career as a chef behind me, and I have been working in restaurants and cafes since I was a young girl.

My passion for bread making started already as a kid where my mom would take me through lots of varieties of bread making. I still remember the smell of my first sourdough which was when I was about 5 years old, and I remember that I thought it had a horrible smell that couldn’t be healthy to eat. Today, of course I really enjoy the smell of a well fed sour dough.

By the time I had small children myself, I bought my first automatic bread maker and I haven’t left it since. Just replaced it, but that’s another story. The idea of making homemade bread without actually sticking your hands in it really sounds appealing when you’re a new mother. Since then, I haven’t been able to go back to the “old-fashioned” way of making bread, except for a few times that a recipe calls for it.

I have made this site to share my enthusiasm about bread making and automatic bread makers as I’ve found it difficult to find good recipes. When I first started out I went through tons of recipes just to end up with one disappointment after the other. I’ve created this site to share my best tips and tricks to bread making so hopefully I can inspire some of you out there. You are welcome to contact me with any questions or comments, and you can always leave a comment in the comment sections on the blog.