Best Bread Machine Flour – All-Purpose vs. Bread Flour

bread machine flour

When you first start out with a bread machine you are probably easy to try out different recipes to make the perfect bread. So one of the first questions that comes to mind is about flour; what is the best bread machine flour? Should I use a bake mix? Should I go with all-purpose flour? This article will cover some of the main questions concerning the types of flour that are good to use for bread machine bread.

First of all, the flour you use will have a direct impact on the final result. Flours differ in so many ways and you won’t get the same result using different types of flour. Flour differs in relation to taste, the protein content and the ability to make crust. It is the protein – gluten – that enables the bread to rise and become airy and soft. The higher the gluten content the better the dough will rise. Gluten helps create structure in the dough and will determine the final texture of the bread. If you want a bread with a thick, chewy texture then you have to look for flour with a high gluten content.

Bread flour

Bread flour has a high amount of gluten. It contains about 12-15% gluten. Bread flour is good for bread machines because of the high protein content. Using a high-quality bread flour will enable you to make dense, chewy breads with a thick crust.

All-purpose flour

All-purpose flour is a plain type of flour, that as the name indicates, can be used for all kinds of baking. The gluten content is less than it is in baking flour. All-purpose flour has a gluten content of about 9-12%. All-purpose flour can be used in bread machines but it will not have the same ability to rise as when you use bread flour.

It is possible to find all-purpose flour with a protein level higher than average. This will be written on the package. Go for a protein level of at least 12-14 % if you want the best results.

Gluten free

When you want to make gluten free machine bread then it can be difficult to get a good texture in the beginning. You will probably have to try it out a few times before you get a result that you are satisfied with.

The lack of gluten means that the bread doesn’t have an ability to rise naturally.

In order to get structure in the dough you need to add something to replace the gluten. This can be a type fiber that adds texture like Husk or xanthan gum.

Bake mix

Another option when you bake in a bread machine is to use bake mix. These are ready blends that allow you to make a bread quickly and easily without having to add too many different ingredients.

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