Black and Decker Bread Maker

black and decker bread maker

If you are looking for a Black and Decker bread maker then you will find out that there are different models to choose between. In this article we are going to look at the different so you can find out which Black and Decker bread maker is the best choice for your.

Black and Decker bread makers come at different prices. The cheapest model can be found at around $50 and the more luxurious models range up to $100. So a Black and Decker is at the lower end of the prices scale when it comes to bread makers which makes it a good choice if you are on a budget or if you don’t want to invest a lot in a bread maker, for example if you are a beginner in baking or if you don’t plan to use it very often.

However, even if they are on the cheaper end of the price scale then they are very durable and can last for many years. One of the benefits of buying a Black and Decker bread maker is that replacement parts are so easy to find. They are available almost everywhere and even a simple search on will provide you with the most commonly used replacement parts, which means that you can benefit from a Black and Decker bread maker for many years to come.

Now we will take a closer look at two different models to see some of the different details of a Black and Decker bread maker.

black and decker bread makerBlack & Decker BK1015W

This is the cheapest model of bread makers from Black and Decker. It can be found at a price of around $50.

It is a compact bread maker, as it bakes the loaf vertically, so it doesn’t take a lot of space on the kitchen counter and it is easy to move around as it is light weight.


  • Power failure protection feature
  • 1-hour keep warm
  • 2 loaf sizes: 1-pound and 1 1/2-pound
  • 12 Baking Functions
  • 13-hour delay timer

It has two different loaf sizes even though the 1½ pound loaf is the most common for the different settings and the easiest to use.

It has a small viewing window in the lid where you can follow the progress of the baking cycle.

It has 12 different programs to choose between. It has a bake only setting if you wan’t to use your own recipes. However, be aware that this program doesn’t allow you to individually adjust the temperature, so it is not really useful after all.

Personal recommendation:

This is a very basic model. It has a lot of programs but most of them can’t really be used as you can’t make the necessary adjustments.

The mixing cycle is very good and it makes a good dough. The baking cycle tends to have problems both in rising and baking.

The basic baking cycle is good for a loaf of white bread but it doesn’t work very well with other types of flour such as rye or spelt. The kneading paddle easily gets stuck if you use whole wheat flour. I have tried baking a gluten free bread and it didn’t really bake at all.

As this is a very compact machine I would recommend it for a travel bread machine that you can use in your summer house, boat, caravan or motor home.

I wouldn’t really recommend it if you plan to bake bread often at home, then I would go with a more advanced model.

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Black and Decker B6000CBlack and Decker B6000C

The next on the list of Black and Decker bread makers is the B6000C.

It is a slightly more advanced model than the previous one and the main i differences are that it is a horizontal model and that it allows crust control.


  • Bakes 1.5, 2 or 3lb loaves
  • 10 Pre-programmed settings
  • Traditional horizontal loaf shape
  • 13 Hour bake delay setting
  • Crust control setting with automatic temperature adjustment for regular or dark crust

It has three different loaf sizes and allows you to bakd 3lb loaves.

It has a crust control setting that allows you to adjust the temperature for regular or dark crust.

It has 10 different pre-programmed settings including one for low-carb bread.

Personal recommendation: 

This model definitely is a step up from the previous model. You’ll get a lot more value for money buy adding the approximately $40 as this model sells at around $90.

A good feature is that it allows you to bake different sizes of loaves and it works really well with large batches of dough. The kneading paddle works well and doesn’t get stuck in the dough.

It notifies you when it is time to add extras to the dough. This is also a good time to take the dough out and remove the paddles as they can be difficult to remove afterwards without destroying the loaf completely.

Even though it has crust settings it tends to bake the bread dark even on the regular setting.

This bread maker will take you a long way but it is still a pretty basic bread maker that works best for simple loaves of bread like french bread or sandwich bread. For more advanced types of bread, or other grain types, I would go for a more advanced model.

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